Advanced Control of Drop Down Lists Using INDIRECT

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This short video shows how to use the INDIRECT command in Excel to change the contents of a drop down list dynamically. This is an original Improve You Excel video that was originally recorded in Excecl 2003 but will work just as well in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.

The file used in this video can be download here

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Rayna says:

A good example

Edna says:

Thanks. I like the fact that you stick with the training as noted in the subject line and refer to (and not do) the training materials for other components in this training such as using data validation, inserting range names, et al. For me, including all takes away from the subject at hand.

Roger says:


Thanks for your kind words – I try to keep the titles short and too the point – even it this one did turn out a little geeky

F.Haidar says:

It is very easy and at the same time it is very useful. Marvellous job, Roger.

Roger says:

Thank you for your kind words.

Suresh says:

Its always a small and useful example that makes a big difference in the job assigned to him/her and this example has proved it yet again.

Antony says:

Very nice and instructive. However, is it possible to ensure that the second pop-up (list of names) updates the moment you change the first pop-up, e.g. from class 1 to class 2. I often put the word SELECT on top of my dropdown lists. So would it be possible that the moment you change from class1 to class2 the dropdown list belonging to class2 shows immediately the first field (SELECT). I am saying this since there is a moment between changing the first and second list that the info in the spreadsheet is not correct, ie. class2 shows e.g. Jim, who belongs to class1. One may not notice. However, if SELECT appears, it is clear the second choice also has to be made.

Wahid Mozumder says:

This is nice to have such instruction. While I am managing to sort a large data file it is very much useful for me.

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