How to Animate Charts in Excel

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This is one of the longest videos on the site but it shows one of the most useful in showing you how you can make charts in Excel to be dynamic.

The video contains a lot of information and it uses excel scroll bars to make a slider on the spreadsheet, then it shows how to use Vlookup to take the value from the slider and look up the values to be plotted.

Finally it shows a small VBA routine that shows you how to animate the graph at the click of a button.


Ali Alhamdani says:

thanks a lot, excelent video

Mustafa says:


I noticed you used the code ” sleep (100)”, is that a keyword, what does it do?
It dosent work when i use it…



Roger says:

Hi Mustafa,

The sleep command is explained and you can download the spreadsheet used from this page


saurabh says:

awesome video I was looking for same since long it would be great to see more animated dashboard using excel

Reuel says:

Very clear explanation and very helpful. Thank you very much.

Virendra says:

Great video, clear cut explanation. I am going to try it out in my dashboards. Thank you

Marcelle says:

This post has helped me think things thugroh

Atul says:

Very nice presentation. this is very helpful to make this kind of charts and dashboard.

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