Beginners guide to Excel Named Ranges

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It is vital that you get to grips with Excel Named Ranges if you are to Improve Your Excel Skills.

This video is an original Improve Your Excel video and shows 3 great ways to use Excel Named Ranges. It starts by looking at naming cells and using them in equations. Then it looks at naming a group of cells and finally it looks at one of the secrets of Excel named ranges and how to use them with with Data Validation drop down list.

This video was recorded a few years ago – but everything shown works with Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 – however one trick you want to use straight off is that you can name a cell simply by typing the name in the cell name box at the top left of your spreadsheet – a very quick way to name ranges.

The file used in this video can be download here


Pallab says:

Excellent example………..

Akram Chaudhry says:

I like your videos

Antony says:

I use this a lot. At least from Excel 2007 onward (not sure about 2003) you can call up the list of names by pressing F3 when you are in SOURCE field of the “data validation/list pop-up box” and select and paste the listname you need for the dropdown box. Like this you a) don´t have to remember it and b) don´t have to type it in. Just an additional tip.

Roger says:

Thank you for sharing your tip Antony.

Gautam Shastry says:

I want to learn how to match the color code in different name ranges if possible. This will help me while preparing time table for 3 to other classes.

The other videos show over here are excellent and very helpful. Specially those who are learning.


Roger says:

I think you may need the format painter – but I am not sure if you want to way to select cells of the same colour. If you could give me a little more information I will try to help. ROger

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