If you have to type the same data into cells all the time and want to make your data entry easier, then adding a dropdown list to your spreadsheet could be the answer. This video will help you to learn how to do it. Dropdown lists are very helpful.  They are used to enter data from a pre-defined list and it limits data entry to specific set of items.  Dropdowns also improves the efficiency of your data entry as it prevents spelling mistakes and makes data input faster. Fortunately, it’s easy to implement. You need only two things: a list and [More]
Protecting your worksheet and formulas is important if you are going send other users your spreadsheet to use.   Chances are they may change one of your award winning equations either on purpose or by mistake.  That makes the QA of the worksheet difficult to gauge and can be a nightmare for you to unravel later. This is a great video – the first two minutes show you some pretty cool skills on making a dummy dataset (RANDBETWEEN is a new one for me) and it is worth watching what he does here some great tips. After this the video [More]
A nested IF statement is an IF statement that sits inside of another IF statement and this video shows you how to created a nested IF statement. I have to be honest here – in this video you will learn how to use the insert Function dialogue to insert nested functions and I did not know you could do.  In fact over the 5 years I have been teaching Excel to my classes I have told them this is not possible!  Opps I had better change that! It just goes to show you that no matter how long you have been using [More]
This video shows you all the options for adding a hyperlink to your spreadsheet.  I like this video because it covers everything you may want to do with simple hyperlinks in just one video. The video starts with linking to a webpage, then shows you how to link to a different sheet or cell within the same file and then how to link to a different file or word document. Watch out for the navigation tip at around 5.40 – I never knew you could do that! If you have found this video useful please let me know using the [More]
This is a simple and short video that shows you how to turn off the automatic hyperlinking options in Excel.  This option is the one that turns a web address or email address into a clickable link.  Sometimes this is useful but it can also get very annoying if you do not want the link to appear underlined and coloured when you print the sheet out.    
I love this features in Excel – it is one of the hidden gems of the program. This feature was called the Excel Camera in Excel 2000 but is now referred to as a linked picture. The video below shows how to “take pictures” in Excel 2003 but this feature works in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.  The image to the left shows where to find this feature in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. The Linked Picture options in Excel will remove all you column and row sizing nightmares and will help you create stunning Excel Dashboards.
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