Simple shortcuts likes the ones shown on this video can save lots of time each day.  How many times do you cut and paste data around Excel?  If you are like me then I guess your answer is “I cut and paste in Excel all the time”. If so then you should watch this video as it shows you two cool tricks for cutting and pasting data in Excel and will introduce you to two really cool shortcut keys. Very simple video and really well explained
This a high speed video that contains tons of information.  You may need to press pause several times during this video and go and try each of these tips for yourself. Amazingly this video manages to put 10 really cool Excel Shortcut Tips into eight minutes. Please share this video using one of the buttons on the right hand side or leave me comments to let me know which of the tips in this video helped you the most.  
This video contains a really quick tip that once you know you will use again and again.  Excel has lots of hidden shortcuts that help you work much quicker and some of the best of these Excel Shortcuts are for moving quickly around large websites.  I would rather do a quick keyboard tap and a long scroll with my mouse any day – how about you? This video introduces you to Ctrl Down, Ctrl Up, Ctrl Left and Ctrl Right which I use all the time when I am looking at large grids of data in Excel – However what [More]
This is a smart video that shows you a great hidden features in Excel but in the process also introduces some great shortcut keys and processes. When I reviewed this video I had to pause it a one place as I had a “is that true?” moment and needed to open one of my spreadsheet to check it worked with my data – it did! It is a very short video and I will be using Ctrl A almost everyday from today onwards as I am always looking at large chunks of data in Excel! As always – please let [More]
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