Introduction to the Excel IF Statement

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I think the IF statement in Excel is a perfect example of how a little knowledge in Excel can go a long way to making your life so much easier. And this helpful video will show you how to do it.

By using the “IF” function of Excel, you can create an output based on the conditional statement you specified.  The IF function processes a logical test and delivers a specified value based on whether that test is true or false. To see how the function is inserted in the spreadsheet, you may jump to 1:01 of this video.  The video also shows how you can drag along the formula to the end of your data – nice and easy video with 2 easy steps and you have the result you want.

The IF function is very useful for large scale of data wherein you want to monitor records with specific condition.  You can use this function for a number of examiners who took the nursing licensure exam and get those who hit the passing score

I have been using this function for on a daily basis and it is probably the most used and powerful function in Excel.


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