How to Write Your Very First Macro in Microsoft Excel

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If you have never written a macro in Excel before then this is great video to start with.

It introduces you to the Visual Basic Editor interface and how to type in a complete routine (from start to finish) to display a message box within your application. This is the first thing that all developers should learn to do and is often referred to as the “Hello World” example from the days when the first thing developers learnt to do with code was write “Hello World” on the screen!

The video takes its time to explain this simple idea and stops on the way to show you some easy to use auto filling options that you can use when you type the text within the editor window. This will help you lots as you start to increase your skills with VBA.

Finally it shows you the shortcut keys that you will use many times over while writing code.

The example they give during the video is not that useful on its own but you will find that you use message boxes several times within each routine you write in the future so this is a great place to start.

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maddy says:

Good work, Nice to get videos for learning these things… Looking forward to your valuable contribution… Thanks…

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