Excel Pivot Table Magic

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Every wondered why Pivot Tables are such a powerful feature of Microsoft Excel or how quickly pivot tables and Pivot Charts can make your data come alive?  If so you much watch this video.  In it John Michaloudis shows some fantastic techniques for using pivot tables to see data coming to life. In just 3 minutes he creates a number of pivot table charts for a mass of sales data.

It is a joy to watch and you may want to grab a pen to make notes as he goes through tons of content in his 3 minute challenge.

Watch this video and if you want to learn more then John has agreed to do a free 1 hour webinar for ImproveYourExcel readers.  Download the file used in this demonstration and  register for the free webinar by click the image below.



jack says:

I click on the “download and register” link – – I get the download but no option to register for the webinar. How do I register?


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