Excel Power Map – The most amazing feature in Excel?

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There are times when you show something in Excel and their reaction is simply stunned silence. Last week I had one of those moments when I found a video on YouTube that showed a very powerful mapping application INSIDE EXCEL!

Excel Power Map is a new tool for Excel that has been released for Excel 2013 and Excel 2010. I understand that it is going to be included as part of the main program in Excel 2016.

Part of my day job involves visiting customers and leads. One of my biggest problems until today has been trying to combining visits so that I don’t spend all my life in my car and visit the same place two weeks in a row. However now I have Excel Power Map working for me I simply export all the leads I have out of our CRM and display them on a map. I can even include their contact details so I can simply sit with my copy of Excel and a phone and set up one or two massively productive days on the road.

This means that I am now spending less time away from my family. Reasons to improve your Excel Skills do not some any better than that!

Watch the video and enjoy a stunned silence moment. Let me know below if you did not already know about this method and how it is going to help you.


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