Excel Shortcuts – Quick Moves

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This video contains a really quick tip that once you know you will use again and again.  Excel has lots of hidden shortcuts that help you work much quicker and some of the best of these Excel Shortcuts are for moving quickly around large websites.  I would rather do a quick keyboard tap and a long scroll with my mouse any day – how about you?

This video introduces you to Ctrl Down, Ctrl Up, Ctrl Left and Ctrl Right which I use all the time when I am looking at large grids of data in Excel – However what I really like about this video is the clever mouse tricks he teaches toward the end – I never knew you could do that and I have been using Excel for 15 years!


If you have learnt something new here or believe that this 3 minute video will save you hours each year (which it will!) then please leave a comment below or Like or Share the video


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