Excel Sparklines: Beginner’s guide to Excel Sparklines

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This useful video shows how to use a graphical representation of data in a single cell through the use of Sparklines.

I think Sparklines are one of the exciting and cool charting features introduced in Excel 2010. Sparklines allow you to view and analyze data without creating an entire chart. You can quickly and easily spot trends at a glance and add rich visualization capability to tabular data without taking up too much space.

We choose this video as it shows how you can create and customize sparklines and how you can highlight certain points like:-

  • High and low points,
  • Negative points,
  • First and last points.

Customize Sparklines is shown from 2:35 to 2:49 of the video.

You will also love how this video shows the different types of sparklines such as Lines, Win/Loss and Column. Go to 3:12 of this video and you will see how these are used and configured.

I would definitely recommend that if you regularly monitor your monthly sales or income  then Sparklines can really add some “sparkle” to your spreadsheets (Pardon the pun) .

I use sparklines to monitor the sales report per salesman for one of my clients.  Before we used Sparklines we did this through the use of chart for the entire data. The use of Sparklines is better to monitor the sales and growth of each salesman. I am really looking forward to hearing your comments on using sparklines in some of your dashboards.  Please leave a comment below and share if you find this video useful.


N S Murthy says:

I really appreciate on the explanation and content part as well.

Thank you

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