Excel User Forms – How to Add an Excel User Form

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Adding a User Form into an Excel Spreadsheet can really start to transform how your spreadsheet works. It is not as difficult as it may first appear and this video will walk you through the process of adding a form, changing the properties of the form and the way it looks.

It then goes on to add a text field and button to the form. Make sure you listen to the advice on naming buttons – this is a really good habit to get into.

Finally this video adds VBA code to the button to populate the text box on the form.  Watch out for the Ctrl Space top tip towards the end of this video – I have been writing VBA code for 15 years and did not know that!

The video does end on a bit of a cliff hanger – if you want the form to show then just add ProgramEntry.show between the Sub and End Sub lines.

This is a great introduction video if you are looking to get into VBA.  It shows each step in detail, gives some good sound advice and shows you how to link an Excel userform to the activation of a sheet.

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Rohan says:

I like Excel User Forms – How to Add an Excel User Form video. But it is incomplete. So, it is request you please upload full video.



Dritan says:

Excellent job, very good Explanation.

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