Excel VBA UserForm ComboBox Lists

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This video looks at how you can add values from your spreadsheet into drop down lists in a user form and VBA within your application.

We like this video as it is clear and easy to understand and shows a really useful way to ensure that dropdown lists in a form are easily updated by a user without having any VBA experience or access to your code.

Finally we really like the way the video shows you how to add a simple dropdown list and a more complicated multi column dropdown by using the .list method to add items to a second column in the list box. This last item is really useful and you will probably find yourself using this more than the simple option.

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Bryan says:


Not sure why you would loop through the range adding each entry in the named range one at a time. Why not use the code below to load it all at once?

Me.cboLocation.List = Range(“LocationList”).value

This one line adds the entry list to the ComboBox instead of going through the entire range one at a time. It even works for multiple columns if the named range is referencing both columns.

Me.cboPart.List = Range(“PartIDList”).Value



Roger says:


That is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

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