Using Excel conditional formatting to create icons

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This is a really well presented video that shows you some really cool suggestions for using Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 conditional formatting.

In the first example it shows you how to insert an IF and OR statement to control the contents of the cell and then applies conditional formatting to the cell to create the icons.

What is great about this video is that it does not stop there. In the second group it shows you how to apply data validation to cells to give a drop down list of values the user is able to select (always cool when you do this)

The final example does not add any new techniques but shows you how to make it even simpler.

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maddy says:

Good Presentation on Conditional Formatting… Nice one

Thiyagu says:

Good one

R Balaji says:

Simply superb. Very good note on Conditional formatting

Rayna says:

Well done

son says:

anything to see!!!

Samuel says:

Wonderful, simple but very important

Rayna says:

Is this video on Exel 2007 or 2010. In Exel 2007 the window for conditional formating I can’t choose the icon as in the video.

pinkey malhotra says:

very interesting video , simple and very important.

David says:

Very interesting. It’s tips like these that separate a novice from a pro. Makes you look good.

prabhakar says says:

very good one

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