Improve Your Excel Downloadable Videos

A few years ago the Improve Your Excel founder, Clayton Lock, created a number of Excel Videos and download files to help the students of The Tutorial Library to learn Excel.

The videos and Tutorial Library site were extremely successful and Clayton sold access to the The Tutorial Library for around $47 a year – however you can now have personal access to every video he created in a downloadable format for less than the cost of a burger and fries!

  1. Custom Chart Types
  2. Frequency Distribution Plots
  3. Introduction to Conditional Formatting
  4. Multiple Conditional Formating
  5. Using Pivot tables for counting
  6. Adding Comments to Cells
  7. conditional formatting
  8. Data Valiadation Options
  9. Double Dropdown lists
  10. Hiding Error Messages
  11. Understanding Autofill
  12. Using Checkboxes
  13. Using Option Buttons
  14. Creating a timesheet Part I
  15. Creating a timesheet Part II
  16. Working with Dates and Times
  17. Working with Dates Part I
  18. Advanced Filtering
  19. Filtering Data
  20. How to use the LARGE function
  21. INDEX and Match
  22. Introduction to IF Function
  23. Introduction to Vlookup
  24. Moving Average
  25. Using the OFFSET function
  26. absolute and incremental references
  27. Adding Carriage Returns
  28. Introduction to Named Ranges
  29. Introduction to pivot tables
  30. Splitting Text Data with Equations
  31. Splitting Text Data without Equations
  32. Consolidated Reports
  33. Goal Seeking
  34. Pulling data from different workbooks
  35. Creating User Defined Functions
  36. How to debug VBA
  37. Printing Via VBA
  38. UserdefinedFunction
  39. VBA Cell Change Trigger
  40. Database Functions Part 1
  41. Database functions part 2
  42. Database Functions Part 3
  43. Descriptive Statistics
  44. Finding Duplicate Data
  45. Grouping and Outlines
  46. Removing Blanks from Data
  47. Tips for working with large sets of data

Each video is downloaded to your computer so you can watch it as many times as you like without having to be connected to the internet. You can also download the Excel file used in the video so you can copy what is being shown in the video. This is the best way to learn Excel – See my Secret to learning Excel review for more information

I have set up this offer to work on a dime sale. This simply means that the price starts really low and gives the first customer the chance to make the most of this offer at the lowest possible price. After every 5 sales the price rises.

Improve Your Excel Video Set

This is simply a fantastic offer and so I am going to keep this page short – if you want to see for your yourself what the video quality is like the please review the free to view versions we have on this site.

I am also offering these videos Free of Charge for customers of Mike Smart’s Excel Expert course.

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