Extracting Text From Cells In Excel

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Left, Mid and Find are functions you need to master if you are going to extract text from cells in Excel.  This is especially useful for things like extracting first names, or address details.

In this example you will see how to extract the text before a coma using the Excel FIND and the Excel LEFT statement.  Then it goes on to show you how to use the Excel MID statement.  Watch out for a #Value error using these functions if the text cannot be found – you may need to use an an ISerror() wrapper for the expression.  However the technique shown here will work for the majority of times and will help you do a first pass extraction of data from a column in a spreadsheet.

Also check out RIGHT() and LEN() function for more ideas.

Please leave any questions in the comments box and I will try to help you if possible.  If you have enjoyed this video please share it using the buttons on the left hand side.



Rayna says:

A good example!

F.Haidar says:

Now I can solve a lot of problems in my job. Thank you Roger.

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