How to Create an Excel Function in VBA

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This video is one of Clayton Lock’s original videos and you can download the file used in this video.

This video covers vital learning for anyone who wants to get started with creating VBA functions in Excel.    It starts by showing you how to create a simply Excel VBA function to display “hello world” on the screen and then goes on to show you how to do something far more useful with a function and return values to the cell that had the equation.

This is longer than most videos on the site but I recommend you watch it all the way through – and maybe watch this one twice and have a go.  Once you have mastered this skill in Excel you can do any equation you have ever wanted….

Please let Clayton and I know if you have found this to be useful by leaving a comment in the box below or liking the post on facebook or twitter.  I think this could end up being one of the most useful videos on the site so I look forward to seeing your comments and “likes”!


Augustine says:

Sorry, but after listening it seems it would be a good idea to also provide a text version so that one can refer if something is not understood due to English pronunciations or voice diminishing in video !
Thanks for video and am very happy with your kind free contribution to learners.

Roger says:

Augustine, Thank you for your kind words. I have just finished working through a training course called The Smart Method. this is available as a Video series and as a book – so you get exactly what you are looking for. the book is very visual as well and this will help people whose first language is not English. You can read my review here

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