How to Create an Excel Funnel Chart

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I hope you enjoy this video – if you are inspired to create better charts then you should check out our recommended Excel Dashboard Course Excel Dashboard course that is currently open for registration again.

A funnel chart is often used to show how a process generates results.  the most common use for a Funnel Chart would be to show how users convert on your website, from visitors to leads to sales.

This video clearly shows how to create a funnel chart in the first 4 minutes but what I really like about this example is it shows you just how configurable  the Excel chart object is and turns a cluttered default chart into a really clean and neat Funnel Chart.  Also an import top tip is given at about 5 minutes to help you select the configure the item in the chart that you need to change.  I use this tip all the time and it will really help if you did not already know about it.

The second part of the video shows you how to do the same funnel Chart without actually using a Chart at all.  This is a neat trick and can be used to show any bar chart value in a cell.



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