How to use CountIF in Excel

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This video shows you how to use the COUNTIF function in Excel. This functions is very useful when trying to work out how many values fall into a particular category.

The example uses a list or people’s names and then adds an equation to find out how many people have paid their bill and how many people are still to pay.

COUNTIF is very useful if you are looking to make a spreadsheet that works for every user that uses it, however if you are look for simple counting functions then you need to check our pivot tables as these are very fast and require no equations!

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Shahein Mohammed says:

Thank you very much

clergyman mainza says:

excellent formula and well explained

David Ch'ng Yeang Soon says:

Excellent video, the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Thank you so much.

Joyce Hundley says:

Thanks,I really do get it

Rayna says:

Yes, useful video

Najat says:

Yes. Another trick is:1) Use Ctrl + A to select all cells in the worbkook. Depending on where the active cell is, you may need to repeat this a 2n time.2) Double-click any border between any 2 columns and EVERY Column in the current worksheet will expand automatically to fit the width of the current contents.Danny RocksThe Company Rocks

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