This is probably one of the most comprehensive guides to the options available to protect your spreadsheets from accidental (or deliberate) changes. Once you have spent hours making the perfect spreadsheet you will want to protect the equations from being accidentally overwritten, stop the graphs nudged into the wrong place or the adding of elements you do not want. However you still need areas of the spreadsheet to be open so that users can add data and values. Excel has a number of protection options at object, sheet or workbook area and this video shows you how to navigate around [More]
Click here to Download the spreadsheet used in this presentation Create an Excel Chart Budget vs Actuals chart using the clear instructions in this video the Queen of Excel Charts Mynda Tracey. The video is divided into two parts – the first showing how to create a Excel Chart Budget vs Actuals chart in Excel 2007/2010 and the second part (starting at around 8 mins) shows how to create the same graph in Excel 2013. The video shows some cool tricks along the way to creating the Excel Chart Budget vs Actuals chart – Including how to cut and paste [More]
Excel panel charts are usually created by taking more than one area chart and lining them up so they look like one chart. In this video you can see how you can set up one of the panels and then use some pretty cool cut and pasting techniques to line the charts up to start to form a panel chart. Once you have one of the charts set up you will see it is easy to copy and change the necessary details for each panel. There is a very cool top at 4 minutes that shows you just how easy [More]
Excel 2013 has a neat hidden feature in it that allows you to do some really quick analysis of data and this video walks you through all the options available in the Excel 2013 Quick Analysis feature. I have been using Excel 2013 for about 6 months now and I did not even know about this feature – shame on me!  I always love it when Mynda Treacy releases one of her videos for free viewing and this one is no exception.  I am a big fan of her work at My Online Training and have taken her Excel Dashboard course in [More]
Simple shortcuts likes the ones shown on this video can save lots of time each day.  How many times do you cut and paste data around Excel?  If you are like me then I guess your answer is “I cut and paste in Excel all the time”. If so then you should watch this video as it shows you two cool tricks for cutting and pasting data in Excel and will introduce you to two really cool shortcut keys. Very simple video and really well explained
Adding a User Form into an Excel Spreadsheet can really start to transform how your spreadsheet works. It is not as difficult as it may first appear and this video will walk you through the process of adding a form, changing the properties of the form and the way it looks. It then goes on to add a text field and button to the form. Make sure you listen to the advice on naming buttons – this is a really good habit to get into. Finally this video adds VBA code to the button to populate the text box on [More]
I hope you enjoy this video – if you are inspired to create better charts then you should check out our recommended Excel Dashboard Course Excel Dashboard course that is currently open for registration again. A funnel chart is often used to show how a process generates results.  the most common use for a Funnel Chart would be to show how users convert on your website, from visitors to leads to sales. This video clearly shows how to create a funnel chart in the first 4 minutes but what I really like about this example is it shows you just how configurable [More]
The more I get into Excel Dashboards the more excited I get.  This is a great video that I hope will give you some ideas and techniques to present lots of data on a number of Excel Charts.  This video is a little longer than the ones I usually post but it is well worth 15 – 20 minutes of your time. The video looks at a large table of sales data from a number of US states.  If you put all the states on a graph at the same time then there is no way you can see any [More]
Almost a year ago I purchased this course for myself to help me make better looking spreadsheets and I have used this course more than any other book or course I have ever purchased. I highly recommend you watch the video below as pause it to look closely at some of the spreadsheet they have created. The dynamic spreadsheet are the best and trust me, I can say from experience, they certainly get you noticed at work. What’s more there are only a handful of techniques to master to produce each and everyone of these spreadsheets and Mynda Treacy is [More]
This features used to be very hidden on old version of Excel and used to be called the “camera”. If you are unfamiliar with this feature then you are going to be amazed at how you can can “take a picture” of a set of cells and overlay the picture anywhere on your spreadsheet. But this feature is not just a screen capture as when your original cells update so does your picture! Once you have mastered the technique you have a really powerful tool that you can use to create awesome dashboards. for more inspiration and training for Dashboard [More]
I use the TEXT function in Excel a lot to add numbers and dates into paragraph text. It is a little know technique and I often see people using cells instead and that quickly turns into a formatting nightmare. This video clearly shows how to use the TEXT Excel function and how to use it to embed data into paragraph text. Enjoy and try this out for yourself.
We love the videos produced by MyOnlineTrainingHub as they are always really clear and easy to follow.    This one shows an advance charting method to show Quintile Charts for a real life case study of English Schools. If you are not sure what a Quintile chart is (like us before we watched the video) then the easiest way to find out is to simply watch the video.  
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