I have added this video to inspire you to great things rather than teach you how to do a specific task. This is well work watching if you have heard people use the phrase Excel Dashboard but do not fully understand what it means. Unfortunately there is no sound with this video – but I hope it gets you thinking what you could do using some of the Excel dashboard techniques on this site. Please let me me know in the comment box if this has inspired you …. Almost everything you see here (except the animation) can be done without [More]
I love this features in Excel – it is one of the hidden gems of the program. This feature was called the Excel Camera in Excel 2000 but is now referred to as a linked picture. The video below shows how to “take pictures” in Excel 2003 but this feature works in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.  The image to the left shows where to find this feature in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. The Linked Picture options in Excel will remove all you column and row sizing nightmares and will help you create stunning Excel Dashboards.
The Excel Goal Seeking options allow you to play with your data and find out how your parameters need to change to make the result you need. There are two ways to do this in Excel, one is trial and error (this is the most popular way – and the least productive) and the other is to use the Goal Seeking options in Excel. Many users do not even know that this feature exists in excel. The file used in this video can be downloaded from here This video is one of Clayton Lock’s 47 videos – to find out [More]
Mail merging always seems to cause a complete blank look in our office – but it really is easy with Word and Excel. This video is quite long but it tells you everything you need to know and shows it to you in a way that will enable you fully understand how to prepare your spreadsheet data and your letter or email for mail merging. Some users may comment that this is not hardcore Excel – I agree – but I use Excel to do exactly this at least once a month and I know people who have all the [More]
The Quick access toolbar is the floating toolbar that sits above the Ribbon bar in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. The Quickaccess toolbar is often overlooked by the user but this video will show you just how easy it is to add or remove buttons from this toolbar so that you can make all your commonly used functions in Excel accessible without moving between ribbons. The video will also show you how to use separators to make the buttons easier to see and how you can change the location of the Quick access toolbar. Watch the video then use the [More]
Speedometer charts are a great way to add style to an Executive report or dashboard in Excel. There is no direct option to create speedometer charts in Excel but with a few clever tricks you can create all sorts of effects with Excel charts. This video shows several of these tricks and as you will see the outcome is quite simple but at the same time very clever. This Video is for Excel 2010 only.
This is one of Mike Smart’s great Excel videos from his Expert Excel course and it teaches how to use the Excel IF statement in a very clear way. Mike’s course came out top in our recent reviews of Excel video courses and you can get three more free videos from him on our review page You can download the file used in this video from here
I like this video as it talks a little about how to best present lots of data in a pie chart as well as showing you some really cool tips and tricks in making the visual appeal of the pie chart much higher. The video covers how to add labels and when to use exploded pie charts. The link on the video does not download the XLS file that is used to create the pie charts in the video but I have recreated the file and you can download the XLS file from here  
This a high speed video that contains tons of information.  You may need to press pause several times during this video and go and try each of these tips for yourself. Amazingly this video manages to put 10 really cool Excel Shortcut Tips into eight minutes. Please share this video using one of the buttons on the right hand side or leave me comments to let me know which of the tips in this video helped you the most.  
Bubble charts (sometimes called XYZ plots or point maps) allow to you change the size of a symbol based on a third value.  These charts can be useful if you need to show three types of data per data point.  The X and Y are the same as they are for normal graphs but the Z value then controls the size of the point/bubble. What I like about this video is that is shows you how to add images into the bubbles and label the points with you own labels.  This is really useful and as you will see from [More]
This video is one of Clayton Lock’s original videos and you can download the file used in this video. This video covers vital learning for anyone who wants to get started with creating VBA functions in Excel.    It starts by showing you how to create a simply Excel VBA function to display “hello world” on the screen and then goes on to show you how to do something far more useful with a function and return values to the cell that had the equation. This is longer than most videos on the site but I recommend you watch it all [More]
This video is one of Clayton Lock’s original videos and you can download the file used in this video. This video covers vital learning for anyone who wants to get started with Excel VBA.  Mastering the techniques in this video will save you hours and hours The video covers how to use break points in the Visual Basic Editor in Excel to stop code as it is working through.   It then goes on to show you how to use the watch function to check the values of any variable at any time in the code. You will also learn [More]
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