This video contains everything you need to know to have confidence with Excel Dates.  if  you sometimes find dates turn into long numbers or you have never tried to find the the difference between two sets of dates then this video is for you. The video initially talks about how Excel handles Dates internally and why it stores them as numbers.  It then goes on to tell you how to write equations to find the difference between two dates. On the way it also introduces you the ### problem in Excel and the shortcut key for entering today’s date into [More]
This video introduces you to how to write code to work with sheets in VBA and shows you a few tricks with renaming, selecting and hiding sheets. Make sure you stay on the video until about 3.30 mins in as the video introduces you to the veryhidden property of a sheet.  I use this property a lot as it stops people unhiding them in the Excel interface. The video finishes by showing you how to select sheets with VBA. I hope you enjoy this video on Working with sheets in VBA – if you have found it useful or have any questions [More]
This video introduces you to the OFFSET command in Excel.  99% of people have not heard of the OFFSET command and the other 1% are often left wondering what you can do with such an odd function. Smart tables and graphs are the OFFSET command best uses and this video shows an excellent use of the command linked to a scroll bar on the spreadsheet.  We have tagged this video as advanced as there are some concepts in here that may confuse beginners but I would recommend you go ahead and watch just to get an idea of what Excel [More]
Three simple, but very useful, Excel functions are illustrated here.  Upper, Lower and Proper (making the first letter in a word a capital letter). This is very useful especially when working with lists of people’s names.  
This video contains a really quick tip that once you know you will use again and again.  Excel has lots of hidden shortcuts that help you work much quicker and some of the best of these Excel Shortcuts are for moving quickly around large websites.  I would rather do a quick keyboard tap and a long scroll with my mouse any day – how about you? This video introduces you to Ctrl Down, Ctrl Up, Ctrl Left and Ctrl Right which I use all the time when I am looking at large grids of data in Excel – However what [More]
This is a smart video that shows you a great hidden features in Excel but in the process also introduces some great shortcut keys and processes. When I reviewed this video I had to pause it a one place as I had a “is that true?” moment and needed to open one of my spreadsheet to check it worked with my data – it did! It is a very short video and I will be using Ctrl A almost everyday from today onwards as I am always looking at large chunks of data in Excel! As always – please let [More]
A Thermometer Chart is a bar chart that has a two sets of data represented at each bar location.  This video shows you how you can take the standard Bar Chart options in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 and use them to create an excellent Thermometer Chart. The video is very clear and simple to follow with your own data.  We suspect that once you have watched this once you will be creating Thermometer Charts for your own spreadsheets/your customers/your boss. If this video has given you new ideas for Thermometer Charts please let us know using the comment box [More]
INDEX and MATCH functions are very useful in Excel when the VLOOKUP function won’t do what you need it to do.  This video shows how you can use Match to find a value in a table based on a text string. Once you have position information for the text match you can use the INDEX to return any data from that row or column. This video covers this technique very clearly and shows how you can use two MATCH functions to return the row and column numbers to use in an INDEX statement. We hope you found this video useful. [More]
This video shows you how to make a bar chart in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. The reason we have chosen this video is that is not only shows you how to make a bar chart in excel clearly but it also has some great tips on entering data in columns quickly. Finally the video shows you how to make a alter the data in a bar chart, add datasets to a bar chart or change any of the properties of all the bars or just one of them. We hope you find this video useful and would like to [More]
This is another great Excel VBA video that shows you how to add a formula to a single cell or a range of cells using VBA. The video is very clear and runs at a good pace (not too fast and not boringly as a result of being explained slowly). We also love the way that it shows you to add the formula in the cell first and then copy it into the VBA editor to make sure it is going to work – good tip guys! The video ends by showing you how you can enter the same formula [More]
We like this video as it shows you how to use SUMIF at a good and steady pace and it also talks about the importance of using the $ sign in your equation. The SumIF function is another great function to help you build spreadsheets that work out of the box for your users. Make sure you build your equations to take into account any expansion of your data that may happen in the future. SUMIFis very useful if you are looking to make a spreadsheet that works for every user that uses it, however if you are look for [More]
This video shows you how to use the COUNTIF function in Excel. This functions is very useful when trying to work out how many values fall into a particular category. The example uses a list or people’s names and then adds an equation to find out how many people have paid their bill and how many people are still to pay. COUNTIF is very useful if you are looking to make a spreadsheet that works for every user that uses it, however if you are look for simple counting functions then you need to check our pivot tables as these [More]
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