This page includes recommendations on anything Excel related. Our recommendations are based on actual use of the product and we only include genuine reviews. We sometimes (but not always) get paid a small commission if you decide to buy these products and this money is used to keep this site free for all.

Excel Books

101 Excel Secrets

Francis Hayes is one of the good guys in the Excel world. He describes himself as an Excel Addict and we think this title is well deserved. A few years ago Francis came out with an electronic book (PDF file to you and me) that contains 101 Excel Secrets and when it came out we got a preview copy and did this short Video review that I think speaks for itself – you can see what Francis says himself about the book at his Excel Addict website

101 Excel Tips and Tricks by ClaytonLock

Excel Formulas
This is the book that started by fascination with Excel. I bought the Excel 2000 one and there was an example in it that showed how to make a clock (with hands) by just using a graph and equations – no VBA required. Since then I have purchased every copy of this book for each new version of Excel and each time the examples and CD that comes with it show me new and exciting ways to use Excel Formulas. Well work every penny/cent!

You can find out more about this book and read reviews by other people at Amazon.

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