If you import data into Excel then you will have probably used Excel’s CSV import routines and have no doubt got frustrated that Excel’s default is to see all the number columns as numbers and format them accordingly. Sounds like a reasonable idea but if you are importing data where a zero at the front is important then it is not sure a great idea. Take for example Zip Codes. 07047 is different to 7047 and that leading zero is important. Excel CSV import routine is explained in this video and the all important step where most of us click [More]
Excel provides many formulas for finding a particular string or text in a list or array.  In this video, you will learn how to use the MATCH function. Excel defines MATCH function as “Returns the relative position of an item in an array that matches a specified value in a specified order”. In simple plain language Match function searches for a value in a defined range and then returns its position. You will definitely love this video as it not only shows how to compare 2 lists but also demonstrate 2 ways how to handle errors when the comparison finds [More]
I think the IF statement in Excel is a perfect example of how a little knowledge in Excel can go a long way to making your life so much easier. And this helpful video will show you how to do it. By using the “IF” function of Excel, you can create an output based on the conditional statement you specified.  The IF function processes a logical test and delivers a specified value based on whether that test is true or false. To see how the function is inserted in the spreadsheet, you may jump to 1:01 of this video.  The video [More]
This useful video shows how to use a graphical representation of data in a single cell through the use of Sparklines. I think Sparklines are one of the exciting and cool charting features introduced in Excel 2010. Sparklines allow you to view and analyze data without creating an entire chart. You can quickly and easily spot trends at a glance and add rich visualization capability to tabular data without taking up too much space. We choose this video as it shows how you can create and customize sparklines and how you can highlight certain points like:- High and low points, Negative [More]
Excel 2013 has a neat hidden feature in it that allows you to do some really quick analysis of data and this video walks you through all the options available in the Excel 2013 Quick Analysis feature. I have been using Excel 2013 for about 6 months now and I did not even know about this feature – shame on me!  I always love it when Mynda Treacy releases one of her videos for free viewing and this one is no exception.  I am a big fan of her work at My Online Training and have taken her Excel Dashboard course in [More]
Simple shortcuts likes the ones shown on this video can save lots of time each day.  How many times do you cut and paste data around Excel?  If you are like me then I guess your answer is “I cut and paste in Excel all the time”. If so then you should watch this video as it shows you two cool tricks for cutting and pasting data in Excel and will introduce you to two really cool shortcut keys. Very simple video and really well explained
Adding a User Form into an Excel Spreadsheet can really start to transform how your spreadsheet works. It is not as difficult as it may first appear and this video will walk you through the process of adding a form, changing the properties of the form and the way it looks. It then goes on to add a text field and button to the form. Make sure you listen to the advice on naming buttons – this is a really good habit to get into. Finally this video adds VBA code to the button to populate the text box on [More]
I hope you enjoy this video – if you are inspired to create better charts then you should check out our recommended Excel Dashboard Course Excel Dashboard course that is currently open for registration again. A funnel chart is often used to show how a process generates results.  the most common use for a Funnel Chart would be to show how users convert on your website, from visitors to leads to sales. This video clearly shows how to create a funnel chart in the first 4 minutes but what I really like about this example is it shows you just how configurable [More]
I use the TEXT function in Excel a lot to add numbers and dates into paragraph text. It is a little know technique and I often see people using cells instead and that quickly turns into a formatting nightmare. This video clearly shows how to use the TEXT Excel function and how to use it to embed data into paragraph text. Enjoy and try this out for yourself.
This great video shows you how to liven up a chart within your Excel worksheet by adding an image in the background of the chart. It is amazing what a difference adding an image to the back of a chart can make. One minute a boring bar chart the next minute it looks very professional. You do have to watch out for images that clash with your charts – you want the viewer to focus on the data not the image at the end of the day.
With the job of reviewing videos for this site there are times when you have a “I did not know Excel could do that” moments.  This is one of these moments as the video below shows you a right click menu for comments that I did not know existed. By default Excel will put Yellow Comment boxes up – but now with the information in this video you can have red, amber, green (or indeed any other color) to show how important the notes are in each Excel Comment Box. Very simple when you know how – but if you [More]
This video helps you be more familiar with your new Excel 2010 environment by teaching you how to customize the way the environment works – including extensive coverage on how the ribbon can be fully customised in Excel 2010.
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