Three simple, but very useful, Excel functions are illustrated here.  Upper, Lower and Proper (making the first letter in a word a capital letter). This is very useful especially when working with lists of people’s names.  
This video shows quite an advanced method for finding the last cell with data in it either vertically or horizontally. We have never used this method in all the years we have been writing code but it is a pretty cool trick and well worth watching. It covers the .End(xlToLeft) function and the .End(xlUp) options for ranges. If you have learnt something new in this video (which we hope you have) please like or share it using the button above or leave us a comment below.
This video looks at how you can add values from your spreadsheet into drop down lists in a user form and VBA within your application. We like this video as it is clear and easy to understand and shows a really useful way to ensure that dropdown lists in a form are easily updated by a user without having any VBA experience or access to your code. Finally we really like the way the video shows you how to add a simple dropdown list and a more complicated multi column dropdown by using the .list method to add items to [More]
If you have never written a macro in Excel before then this is great video to start with. It introduces you to the Visual Basic Editor interface and how to type in a complete routine (from start to finish) to display a message box within your application. This is the first thing that all developers should learn to do and is often referred to as the “Hello World” example from the days when the first thing developers learnt to do with code was write “Hello World” on the screen! The video takes its time to explain this simple idea and [More]
This video shows some techniques that are vital when you write VBA code. Firstly it shows you how to use the InputBox function to ask users questions as your code runs (like a message box with a text entry cell it the form). It then goes on to show you how to use the IF statement which is probably the function you will use the most within your routine. However there are some times when there are too many options to write everything in IF statements and this is when you will need to use a SELECT CASE statement. The [More]
This video shows the different ways that you can reference cells within your VBA code. This is a fundamental skill you will need when writing VBA routines as it enables you to read and write values from the cells in the spreadsheet. We have listed the items covered and where they are covered in this video below to help you make the most of this video in the least amount time:- Adding data to cells (1.00) Selecting a different cell using the offset function (2.45) Adding data to cells using the offset function (5.00) Reading data from a cell using [More]
When you start writing VBA macros one of the most useful functions you will use is the VBA macro recorded. Many users over the years have taught themselves how to code VBA using just this feature (there are even a few of them here at ImproveYourExcel). This video shows you how to use the developer Toolbar to record your own VBA macros and describes the difference between the incremental and absolute referencing that the macro recorder will use. It is vital that you understand this before you do too much with this magic button. The one thing this video is [More]
See how to use the VLOOKUP function to deliver a value to cell – trust us once you know how to do this you will be using it all the time within your worksheets. This is probably the only person in the world who can make you smile while teaching you the VLOOKUP function. This 7 minutes video may save you hours and hours of manually classify data. We hope you enjoy it. Please let us have your comments below or simply click Like or Share above.
This short video shows you what can go wrong with the VLOOKUP formula in Excel. This is a great video as we know that here at ImproveYourExcel the VLOOKUP feature causes users of our site a great deal of problems. Most users give us as they assume the function does not work correctly – where as it is often just one of a few things that go wrong. We hope this video is useful for you – if it is then please like it or share it using the buttons above or leave us a comment below.
This video is a brief tutorial on how to use the vlookup() function in Microsoft Excel. It uses Excel 2007 in this video but everything he talks about will work with Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 and 2010. The tutorial is designed for beginners and works at a nice slow pace.
Excel Pivot tables are in our opinion the best and most powerful way to analyse data in Excel and so watching this video is a must for everyone who has lists of data to look at and try to summarise. In this Video you will learn:- Pivot Tables Basics Group By Date Format Fields Format Pivot Table Pivot the table Page Filter Report Filter We hope you enjoy the enthusiasm of the presenter we have selected here. If you have learnt something from this video then please share it or like it using the buttons above or leave us a [More]
How to use Excel to make a line graph, an xy graph, a bar graph or a pie chart. About my voice – I know it sounds weird. It’s a microphone issue – everyone who knows me says it sounds nasally and not like me. If I put the mic farther away my voice sounds fine but then it is echoey. Some day I’ll get something better than this $20 headset mic.
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