Excel provides many ways to count cells in a range that meet various criteria. This short video shows 7 ways to count in excel. It uses the functions COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF and COUNTIFS. You can see at 00:50 of this video how to use the COUNT function. This function simply count cells in a range that contain number. Also, in 4:51 of the video, the count function was used in a filtered list/range. COUNTA counts all non-empty cells while COUNTBLANK counts the number of empty cells. COUNTIF was used in this video to count cells that contain a specific [More]
I think the IF statement in Excel is a perfect example of how a little knowledge in Excel can go a long way to making your life so much easier. And this helpful video will show you how to do it. By using the “IF” function of Excel, you can create an output based on the conditional statement you specified.  The IF function processes a logical test and delivers a specified value based on whether that test is true or false. To see how the function is inserted in the spreadsheet, you may jump to 1:01 of this video.  The video [More]
Simple shortcuts likes the ones shown on this video can save lots of time each day.  How many times do you cut and paste data around Excel?  If you are like me then I guess your answer is “I cut and paste in Excel all the time”. If so then you should watch this video as it shows you two cool tricks for cutting and pasting data in Excel and will introduce you to two really cool shortcut keys. Very simple video and really well explained
Adding a User Form into an Excel Spreadsheet can really start to transform how your spreadsheet works. It is not as difficult as it may first appear and this video will walk you through the process of adding a form, changing the properties of the form and the way it looks. It then goes on to add a text field and button to the form. Make sure you listen to the advice on naming buttons – this is a really good habit to get into. Finally this video adds VBA code to the button to populate the text box on [More]
When you start writing VBA macros one of the most useful functions you will use is the VBA macro recorded. Many users over the years have taught themselves how to code VBA using just this feature (there are even a few of them here at ImproveYourExcel). This video shows you how to use the developer Toolbar to record your own VBA macros and describes the difference between the incremental and absolute referencing that the macro recorder will use. It is vital that you understand this before you do too much with this magic button. The one thing this video is [More]
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