This video is one of Clayton Lock’s original videos and you can download the file used in this video. This video covers vital learning for anyone who wants to get started with creating VBA functions in Excel.    It starts by showing you how to create a simply Excel VBA function to display “hello world” on the screen and then goes on to show you how to do something far more useful with a function and return values to the cell that had the equation. This is longer than most videos on the site but I recommend you watch it all [More]
In this video we look at creating a DO LOOP in Excel VBA.  The DO LOOP arrangement allows the section of code between the DO command and the LOOP command to be repeated until a specified condition is true.  As the majority of VBA code you write will repeat a process for several lines of data getting to grips with this command will help you write clearer code. The example in this video is easy to follow and easy to replicate for yourself – so once you have watched the video have a go at getting it to work for [More]
This video shows quite an advanced method for finding the last cell with data in it either vertically or horizontally. We have never used this method in all the years we have been writing code but it is a pretty cool trick and well worth watching. It covers the .End(xlToLeft) function and the .End(xlUp) options for ranges. If you have learnt something new in this video (which we hope you have) please like or share it using the button above or leave us a comment below.
If you have never written a macro in Excel before then this is great video to start with. It introduces you to the Visual Basic Editor interface and how to type in a complete routine (from start to finish) to display a message box within your application. This is the first thing that all developers should learn to do and is often referred to as the “Hello World” example from the days when the first thing developers learnt to do with code was write “Hello World” on the screen! The video takes its time to explain this simple idea and [More]
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