This video shows some techniques that are vital when you write VBA code. Firstly it shows you how to use the InputBox function to ask users questions as your code runs (like a message box with a text entry cell it the form). It then goes on to show you how to use the IF statement which is probably the function you will use the most within your routine. However there are some times when there are too many options to write everything in IF statements and this is when you will need to use a SELECT CASE statement. The [More]
This video shows the different ways that you can reference cells within your VBA code. This is a fundamental skill you will need when writing VBA routines as it enables you to read and write values from the cells in the spreadsheet. We have listed the items covered and where they are covered in this video below to help you make the most of this video in the least amount time:- Adding data to cells (1.00) Selecting a different cell using the offset function (2.45) Adding data to cells using the offset function (5.00) Reading data from a cell using [More]
When you start writing VBA macros one of the most useful functions you will use is the VBA macro recorded. Many users over the years have taught themselves how to code VBA using just this feature (there are even a few of them here at ImproveYourExcel). This video shows you how to use the developer Toolbar to record your own VBA macros and describes the difference between the incremental and absolute referencing that the macro recorder will use. It is vital that you understand this before you do too much with this magic button. The one thing this video is [More]
This video is a brief tutorial on how to use the vlookup() function in Microsoft Excel. It uses Excel 2007 in this video but everything he talks about will work with Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 and 2010. The tutorial is designed for beginners and works at a nice slow pace.
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