Unpivot with Excel Power Query

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Pivot tables is the most powerful feature in Excel.  But what do you do if your data has already been turned into a Pivot table when you get it?  The Answer? use Unpivot – the most hidden feature in Excel!

I am really impressed that excel can convert a number of hours of work into seconds thru the use of Unpivot. Unpivot is a feature included in Power Query Excel add in.  Power Query Excel add-in lets you discover, combine and refine data.  And since this is an add-in feature, you may need to enable to use this. Or you can also download and install from this site http://www.microsoft.com/en-ph/download/details.aspx?id=39379

From the word itself, Unpivot is used for PivotTables.  PIVOT rotates a table-valued expression by turning the unique values from one column in the expression into multiple columns in the output, and performs aggregations where they are required on any remaining column values that are wanted in the final output. UNPIVOT performs the opposite operation. It rotates columns into rows.

Unpivot is great for creating analysis for a large scale of data that are presented in cross tab pattern and this video teaches you how to perform the reverse operation of PivotTables.

If you are still unsure how to Master Pivot tables then read my review on the most comprehensive Pivot Table Course.



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