Using OFFSET to create a Scrolling Table in Excel

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This video introduces you to the OFFSET command in Excel.  99% of people have not heard of the OFFSET command and the other 1% are often left wondering what you can do with such an odd function.

Smart tables and graphs are the OFFSET command best uses and this video shows an excellent use of the command linked to a scroll bar on the spreadsheet.  We have tagged this video as advanced as there are some concepts in here that may confuse beginners but I would recommend you go ahead and watch just to get an idea of what Excel is capable of.

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its a wonderful and useful command


its a amazing and useful command

Pallab says:

Excellent example for me.

ani sambo says:

so so wonderful

Silas says:

this is wonderful but i can’t get that function using Excel 2007 Is it possible?

Roger says:

Yes – the offset function is available in 2003,2007 and 2010

Mitch J says:

I used this as the basis for my needs. I have a two dimensional table (Meaning it had to scroll horizontally as well as vertically) and that data comes from a pivot table with five filters. The problem was calculating the number of columns and rows since they are always changing. I had to limit the scroll bars from continuing to scroll the data even though the bars could physically continue to scroll and to display null if it returned zero. All works good.

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