What are Excel Dashboards

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I have added this video to inspire you to great things rather than teach you how to do a specific task.

This is well work watching if you have heard people use the phrase Excel Dashboard but do not fully understand what it means.

Unfortunately there is no sound with this video – but I hope it gets you thinking what you could do using some of the Excel dashboard techniques on this site.

Please let me me know in the comment box if this has inspired you ….

Almost everything you see here (except the animation) can be done without VBA!


Mohammad Tarique says:

Excellent work.

fayez201060 says:

great done without sound no prob

Rayna says:

Very usefull

Raja Mohamed says:

I agree it is Excel in Excel….Inspiring vdo…I believe we need to know VBA to use Check boxes…is it not?

Roger says:

You do not need VBA to use checkboxes as you can link their state (on or off) to a cell.

Jaime Brown says:

I find this video very interesting, it allows you to explore other Excel potentials

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